List of European Designer Jackets that are in Vogue

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Since winter is here, it's time that you invest in some quality clothing pieces that are trendy and versatile as well. Ideally jackets are one of the popular winter clothing you can opt for. These will help you to accentuate your outfit and help to provide a warm layer as well.

If you want to change your style quotient for the season and opt for authentic clothing curated by European designers, visit one of the popular fashion stores for shopping. Meanwhile, read on the blog below to know more about the same.

Floral Garden Jacket

Inspired by the artistic and cultural motifs, the detailed and colorful patterns will definitely help you channel a feminine colorful attire. If you want the jacket to be a statement piece, make sure to stick to neutral tones like ivory white. However, if you plan to wear the jacket during night, the best thing you can opt for is a satin blue top and a black denim pant. For the shoes, it will be ideal to stick to statement sneakers or even graphic converse to complete the look. 

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Yellow Cashmere Jacket

A chic statement jacket is all that you need to turn heads this season. Sometimes it is okay to ditch the neutral toned pieces because the bold jackets are here to help you to bring in some color during the dull days of the winter. Opting for the yellow jacket is the best way to channel some sunny aesthetic into the outfit without trying too hard. A black ankle length boot is exactly what you need to add that perfect vibe to the whole look.

Yellow Cashmere Jacket from Zana La Collection

Black Glitter Blazer

If you want to indulge in some classic outerwear pieces, then the black glitter blazer is perfect to add the touch of extra to your outfit. Sometimes it is good to dress up in quintessential clothing pieces which will help you to channel your inner Carrie Underwood. The black glitter is perfect for creating a super stylish nightwear look. To nail the outfit, all you need is a satin cami top and a pair of magenta pants.

Black Glitter Blazer from Zana La Collection

Rose Beige Leather Biker

The rose beige leather biker jacket is perfect for adding a tinge of edginess to a classic outfit. The color is perfect for the winters and can be worn with dark tones as well like charcoal grey, blue and even black. The best way you can style this jacket is by opting for a silk white shirt and a pair of midnight blue jeans. For the shoes, it will be advisable to stick to a pair of tan brown boots!

Rose Beige Leather Biker from Zana La Collection

Cleo Jacket

Chic style can be better personified with the help of a Cleo jacket. The pink and black jacket is perfect for creating a feminine outfit that can be worn for the workplace and parties as well. As a formal wear, you can simply wear it as a layered piece over a tweed dress. Regarding the party wear, it will be advisable to stick to a black blingy dress to complete the look. For the shoes, it would be advisable to opt for a pair of strappy heels as it is perfect to be styled with the cleo jacket.

Cleo Jacket from Zana La Collection

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