Trendy Jackets That are Perfect for Accentuating Your Wardrobe

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trendy jackets from zana la collection

An outerwear has the ability to amp up your outfits a few notches higher. In fact, if you wish to invest in one of these, make sure to buy women jacket in Melbourne by visiting a top store or you can also buy online. It is worth knowing about different types of designer jackets introduced by a top retailer offering European styled jackets and a range of other outerwear options.

Red Cashmere Jacket

A statement jacket is all you need to nail the outfit with panache. If you have a penchant for bold colours, make sure to opt for the bright red cashmere jacket. All you need to do is opt for a white shirt, blue jeans and a pair of matte black boots to rock the look. Stick to neutrals so that the jacket emerges as the statement layer of the outfit.

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Beige Blazer

If you want to elevate your workplace look, then you can choose this beige blazer. All you need to do is opt for a navy blue flannel pant and charcoal black shirt to complete the look. For the shoes, the best thing to try on would be a pair of nude pumps. if you are in love with heels, go for emerald ones.

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Turquoise Chanel Jacket

The turquoise channel jacket is the best outerwear clothing piece you can opt for to elevate a boring outfit. The pastel color scheme is in vogue and will definitely help you channel your inner diva with panache. Make sure to pair dark colored clothing pieces with it to create a stunning look.

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White Track Blazer

Rev up your simple everyday look with the help of a white track blazer. This does not look like the conventional blazer and perfect to be worn with casual clothing pieces to add some drama to your personality. For putting things to perfection- moss green pants, blush coral tee and the white track blazer can work wonders. For shoes, a pair of ballerinas will be good enough.

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Long Blazer With Matching Fabric Belt

A navy blazer is perfect for adding that sophisticated touch to your outfit. If you're bored of the same old jackets, a blazer with a wide belt and metal buckle is all that you need to accentuate the outfit. You can wear this blazer with a dress or simply try a pair of flannel pants for a 'wow' look.

Magenta Buckle Blazer

The magenta buckle blazer is everything you need to add loads of color to any outfit. If you're a lover of bold tones, then this unique shade of pink is all you need to turn a boring outfit into a party essential.

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Hence, if you wish to buy women's jackets online make sure to have a look through the vast assortment presented by a popular Australian retailer. You can enjoy discounts on purchases during store visits.



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