Vacation Outfit Trends You Need to Lookout for

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Holiday mood is all about lounging by the ocean and sipping the colorful fruity cocktail. Dressing up for the vacation has actually become a trend that has been popularized by the millennials. Hence, if you want to buy tops online then check out the European designer clothing collection of a popular retailer.

Sheer Silk Blouse

If there's party on your mind, then make sure to opt for this classic top which will look perfect when paired with denim shorts. You can even channel some classic feminine vibes by opting for a maxi skirt with lace detailing. The idea is to create an attire that will be dominated by pastel shades and be comfortable as well.

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Pullover, Floral Pattern S/V

The classic crew neck pullover is available in two shades, white and light pastel orange. This top is perfect for styling with a pair of mom-jeans or even knee-length skirts depending on the temperature outside. Go for classic ballerinas with textured patterns to complete the look.

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V-Neck Tunic/V

Curated from a top-notch European fabric, the classic V-neck tunic features a formal vibe. However, you can wear it as part of the vacation look as well. You will need bottom wear which consists of some crazy prints as it will help you to balance the look. You can pair this tunic with cropped animal printed leggings. This outfit works well as part of the fun -lunch look and even for touring the town with your friends.

v-neck tunic from zana la collection

Pullover, Floral Print S/V

The relaxed top is perfect for flaunting a laidback and effortless vibe. The floral design adds a cute feminine vibe to the outfit that can be well balanced with a denim bottom wear or even with a pair of leggings. You can wear it for a gala party by the beach or simply wear it over the swimsuit if the costume becomes too daring.

best quality pullover floral print from zana la collection

Thus, if you wish to buy chic tops for women, all you need to do is get in touch with a popular retailer offering beautifully crafted dresses of European designers. Take a look at the awesome collection of the eye-grabbing designer clothing pieces. You can even get a discount of 10 % on the purchase, so buy now!




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